Club Members

Committee Members Life Members
Kym Lau (President) 1978 Fergie Kerr
Simon White (Vice President) 1978 Jacqui Kerr (Deceased)
Kim Doung (Treasurer) 1984 Pat O'Shaughnessy (Deceased)
Carol Packard (Secretary) 1984 Anne Stoneham
Nigel Isherwood 1988 Brian Emery (Deceased)
Kim Ly 1989 Glen McPherson
Gert Goeseart 1992 Peter Van der Lans
Leang Nguon 1996 Edna Bannister (Deceased)
Neil Philby 1998 Robert Riggs
  2000 David Nash
  2001 Bob Salotti
  2002 Jeff Green
  2003 Sandy Faithfull
  2006 Sally Brauer
  2007 Jane Awwad
  2007 Carol Packard
  2007 Malcolm Wainwright
  2007 Jamie Deans
  2012 Simon White
  2014 Kym Lau

Presidents of Glenelg Badminton Club

Glenelg has had only 7 Presidents in 44 years
Fergie Kerr 1968-1973
Roy Bierton 1974
Ted Gentle 1975-1979
Adam Charlton 1980-1981
Glen McPherson 1981-1987
Robert Riggs 1988-2014
Kym Lau 2014-Present

This stable leadership has been one of the main ingredients for the club's success over the years



Senior Competition

Glenelg has teams in all grades of SABA competition. You must become a member of the club to be eligible for inclusion in a team.

"State League" and "A" grade play on Tuesday night.
"B" and "C" grades play on Wednesday night.

Junior Competition

Various junior competitions are run each year by the SA Badminton Association. Glenelg Badminton Club also arranges inter-club competitions with other local junior badminton clubs.

Club Championships

The Glenelg Club Championships are held every year in late August early September on a Sunday. A senior open tournament and a junior tournament are held simultaneously. The Social championships are held in October during normal Monday club night.


MENS SINGLES - Winner: Gert Goesaert. Runner Up: Kym Lau
LADIES SINGLES - Winner: Aim Aroonsiri. Runner Up: Rachel Nguon
MENS DOUBLES - Winners: Kym Lau / James Abraham. Runners Up: Gert Goesaert / David Luu
LADIES DOUBLES Ė Winners: Aya Dow / Aim Aroonsiri. Runners Up: Rachel Nguon / Anna Nguon
MIXED DOUBLES - Winners: Kym Lau / Aya Dow. Runners Up: Leang Nguon / Rachel Nguon


BOYS SINGLES - Winner: Alexander Benn. Runner Up: Johnny Luo.
GIRLS SINGLES - Winner: Ella Anderson. Runner Up: Emma Olsen
DOUBLES - Winners: Alexander Benn / Dillon Tay. Runners Up: Jeremy Johns-Thompson / Leon Searle


Ladies winner: Kim Doung. Runner Up: Kim Ly
Menís winner: David Harvey. Runner Up: Jason Huang

Special Awards

Shannon Riggs Achievers Award

This award was established in memory of Shannon Riggs who passed away on the 23rd July 1997. Shannon was a member of the club and played in one of our teams in SABA competition. The award is given annually to a member of the Glenelg Badminton Club (with preference given to juniors) who, in the opinion of the committee, in consultation with the Riggs family, deserves special recognition for their efforts and achievements in badminton. The award is presented at the clubís AGM, in the form of a perpetual trophy. This award is to recognise the recipientís commitment to achieving their best, with consideration for those around them, and as a tribute to Shannonís positive impact on people.


Simon White (1997), Matt Jones (1998), Amy Allman (1999), Glenn Thomas (2000), Helen White (2001), Craig Markham (2002), Daniel Victory (2003), Rhett Aviet (2004), Peter Stephens (2005), Aruna Shivam (2006), Anita Wong (2007), Daniel Blue (2008), Mingmei Teo (2009), Alex Awwad (2010), Simon Packard (2011), Alex Awwad (2012), Sam Todd (2013), Joseph Awwad (2014), Rachel Nguon (2015), Anna Nguon (2016).

The David Currie Club Award

This award was created by David's family in Scotland through Cathy, his wife, in memory of David Currie, a club member whose dedication and commitment to our club was outstanding.  The recipient of this award should be someone in a similar mould, not necessarily the best player but someone who is interested in promoting the Club and Badminton.


Edna Bannister (1988), Robert Riggs (1989), Glen McPherson (1990), Jeff Green (1991), Adam Russell (1992), Jim Deans (1993), Robert Riggs (1994), Jeff Green (1995), Robert Riggs (1996), Malcolm Wainright (1997), Jeff Green (1998), Jeff Green (1999), Robert Riggs (2000), Robert Riggs (2001), Carol Packard (2002), Kym Lau (2003), Simon Oaten (2004), Kym Lau (2005), Simon White (2006), Kym Lau (2007), Robert Riggs (2008), Carol Packard (2009), Kym Lau (2010), Carol Packard (2011), Simon Oaten (2012), Carol Packard (2013), Nigel Isherwood (2014), Carol Packard (2015), Kym Lau (2016).

  Most Improved

This award is decided by the Committee and seeks to identify players that have improved as players and developed within the Club.


Simon Packard (2007), John Ly (2008), Kim Doung (2009), Mitchell Davis (2010), Nigel Isherwood (2011), Simon Packard (2012), Nitya Gunasegaran (2013), David Harvey (2014), Tristan Edison (2015), Aim Aroonsiri (2016).