In 1965 Jacqui and Fergie Kerr were out driving one Sunday and drove along the Glenelg tram line past the Glenelg YMCA building. Jacqui said that would be a good place to play badminton. She made contact with the Glenelg YMCA about using the venue. At first the YMCA were sceptical in accepting the club as a tenant. One of the reasons was that the club would have lady members and as it was a Young Men’s Christian Association ladies were not included. It was also thought that windows would be broken and the hall damaged during games. Fergie and Jacqui soon convinced them otherwise. Jacqui put up flyers and told as many people as she could about the impending first club night.  The day arrived and the night began. Only 1 person turned up...Fergie!! In the first year membership numbered 16 which grew to 30 in 1967. In 2019 the membership has grown to over 115 plus some 20-30 juniors.


In the year 2000 Glenelg BC relocated to WA Satterley Hall and one of the things the Glenelg committee was very conscious of was the potential for the loss of the intimacy we had enjoyed at the Holdfast YMCA for 35 years. To that end we developed the concept of creating our own Club room area, in particular a location to display our club honour boards.To enable us to undertake and complete the project we needed lots of help. Initially in fundraising primarily through our quiz nights and offers of in kind support and voluntary labour. Then we sought a grant from the Office for Recreation and Sport. Having the financial side under control the building work could start. Simon White in conjunction with his family company Waternish Constructions handled the initial stages of construction. It was then over to Allan Davis of Davis and Brooks for the next stage. Once the internal lining and ceiling was done it was time to enlist the help of our volunteer painters. With significant input from former club member Matt Easton the electrical fit out was completed. The finishing touches were achieved with small working bees.

There are a number of people and organisations that need acknowledgement. The Office for Recreation and Sport for the grant, the City of West Torrens for their contribution of the roof and windows, Waternish Constructions for the donation of labour, materials and project management, Davis and Brooks for their donation of time etc, the SABA Board for the ceiling fans and the replacement of the original carpet, the building steering committee for input and guidance, Lockleys Bowling Club for their initial input and patience during the project, club volunteers with special mention of Nigel Isherwood, Carol Packard for keeping us on track, Simon White for keeping the faith and finally to the Glenelg members for sharing the dream.


Glenelg Badminton Club is immensely proud of what we have achieved and the legacy we have created. The committee had no hesitation in agreeing to name the room created as part of the building extensions as the ‘Kerr Room’ in honour of Jacqui & Fergie, in acknowledgement of their significant contribution to our club & the sport.




  Fergie Kerr opening the curtain to display the Kerr Room named after Jackie & Fergie Kerr, founding Life Members of the Glenelg Badminton Club, formed in 1965

The Dodgy Brothers


In years gone by the club ended the year with a fun night, where members were treated to many and varied themes which were devised by one Adam Russell. One of these events was a ‘Day at the Races’ and all were encouraged to dress in appropriate attire and attend the races. Lollies were given to each member to bet with. The premiere bookmakers were Adam ‘Jacko’ Russell (you’ve all heard of a Jack Russell)  & Jeff ‘Garbo’ Green aka the Dodgy Brothers, due to their dodgy tactics. At subsequent club championships they entered the men’s doubles as the Dodgy Brothers. Jeff could be heard far and wide as he tried to put the opposition off of their game with his loud noise and the smashing of his racquet on his leg. Ouch!!! Robert Riggs made an excessive noise detection device one year that emitted a piercing beep every time Jeff made a loud noise. Jeff was not impressed and told Robert where he could put his invention.The Dodgy Brothers got up to many dodgy moves during Golf days as they contrived to alter the scores to suit the occasion. As you can see from the photo and Jeff’s dodgy smile, he is remembering what they got up to.